Wednesday 6 June 2012

Zumba Workout Videos-Britney Spears-Core Workout-Leg Workout-Hip Hop Abs

tonedcurves:Diet Health:Worlds Fastest Workout VideoBritney...

tonedcurves:Diet Health:Worlds Fastest Workout VideoBritney Spears AbsKim Kardashian ButtBritney Spears’ WorkoutCarrie Underwood’s Sculpted LegsVictoria’s SecretCandice Swanepoel’s Workout
Doutzen Kroe’s Workout
Erin Heatherton’s WorkoutLindsay Ellington’s Leg WorkoutMiranda Kerr’s WorkoutSelita’s Workout P1 & P2BODY ROCKCardio ExerciseGet Hot CardioKiss My Tight BootyFeel The BurnTight, Toned, TrimBRAZIL BUTT LIFT:Brazil Butt Lift Disk 1Brazil Butt Lift Disk 2Brazil Butt Lift Disk 3INSANITYFit TestPlyometric Cardio CircuitCardio RecoveryPure CardioCardio AbsCore Cardio & BalanceMax Interval CircuitMax Interval PlyoMax Cardio ConditioningMax RecoveryInsane AbsMax Interval Sports TrainingUpper Body Weight TrainingJillian Michaels
30 Day Shred:Level 1
Level 3Ripped in 30:Week 1
Week 46 Week 6 Pack:Level 1Level 2
Banish Fat Boost Metabolism
No More Trouble Zones
Yoga MeltdownCarmen Electra:Aerobic StripteaseFit to StripIn the BedroomThe Biggest Loser:Biggest Loser 30 Day Jump Start WorkoutBiggest Loser Cardio Max WorkoutBiggest Loser Weight Loss YogaBiggest Loser Boot Camp WorkoutTurbo Jam:T3 - Totally Tubular TurboCardio Party Mix 1Cardio Party Mix 2Cardio Party Mix 3Fat BlasterTurbo Jam: SculptTurbo Jam: Ab JamTurbo Jam: Punch and KickTurbo Jam: Kicking CoreTurbo Jam: 20 min workoutTurbo Jam: 3T Turbo Jam: Learn BurnP90X:Chest and Back/Ab Ripper XPlyometricsLegs and BackYoga XCardio XKenpo XShoulders and ArmsCore SynergeticsStretch XChest, Shoulder, and TricepsBack and BicepsTone It Up:Bikini Abs & ThighsSandcastle WorkoutBikini Blast Circuit WorkoutBikini Beach Bum WorkoutPOP Pilates:Intense Ab WorkoutSaddlebag ShaverTricep TonerButt BlasterNew Body Make OverBack AttackInner Thighs and CalvesInner Thigh InsanityStretching for FlexibilitySummer Slim Down pt 1Summer Slim Down pt 2Arm AttackLower Belly Pooch AttackThighs, Core, and ShouldersLegs and ThighsBeginners Total BodyCrazy Core WorkoutSerious Standing for Legs, Butt, ObliquesLove Handles ExterminatorObliques UltimateYou’ve Got Abs Challenge!Flat Abs Challenge3 Minute Ab ChallengeSlimming Inner Thighs & CalvesStanding Pilates for Legs, Butt & ObliquesSuper Butt WorkoutYogaDashama Sun Salutations videoDashama Sun Salutations 2 videoDashama Hip StretchesTara Stiles Bend It Like Tara videosadienardini 40 minute yoga weight loss videos  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part Yoga Fitness Plus 45 minute Beginner Yoga 20 minute Yoga Sculpt 30 minute video Yoga Fitness Fusion 45 minute videoYogis Anonymous Hurts So Good Power Yoga 95 minute videoYogis Anonymous Blissed Flow Yoga 90 minutePower Yoga Total Body - With Rodney YeeHatha Vinyasa Yoga - With Master AshishBasic Yoga Workout for Dummies - With Sara IvanhoeNo Equipment Home WorkoutRUNNING:
Couch to 5KPost Running Stretch video from FlexibleWarriorYogaZumba Workout Videos:Zumba PowerZumba Cardio PartyZumba BasicZumba Sculpt and ToneZumba AdvancedZumba Cardio PartyZumba ToningHip Hop Abs With Shaun T:Hip Hob Abs: Learn To DanceHip Hop Abs: Ab SculptHip Hop Abs: Total Body BurnHip Hop Abs: Fat Burning CardioHip Hop Abs: Hips, Buns, and ThighsThe Firm Video Workouts:1. Target Toning 2. Total Body Toner3. Cardio Dance Express4. Power Half Hour5. Calorie Explosion6. Hardcore Fusion7. Boot Camp8. Hi Def SculptPower 90 Videos:Sweat 1-2Sweat 3-4Ab Ripper 100 and Sculpt 1-2Sculpt 3-4Ab Ripper 100 read more..

Tuesday 5 June 2012

Pilates For Beginners-Pilates Workout-Video Gallery-Ab Workout

Workouts by muscle group

Workouts by muscle group: Here’s a list of all of my POP Pilates, POP Cardio, and workout videos. Pick your muscle group or exercise type and let the toning/fat loss begin!WORKOUTS BY MUSCLE GROUP (ordered by most recently uploaded):ABS (view full video gallery here)

  • POP Pilates for Beginners: Ab Time! (13:11)
  • POP Pilates: Hot Abs! (14:03)
  • POP Pilates: Abominable Abdominals (18:19)
  • Top 3 Pilates Abs Moves for (5:16)
  • You’ve Got Abs! Flat Abs Challenge (8:35)
  • Flat Abs Pilates Routine for (6:54)
  • POP Pilates: Lower Belly Pooch Attack! Part 2 of 2 Attack Series (15:04)
  • POP Pilates: Intense Ab Workout (10:50)
  • POP Pilates: 3 Min Ab Workout Challenge (4:16)
  • POP Pilates: Crazy Core Workout - Intense! Fun! (10:55)
ARMS/UPPER BODY (view full video gallery here)
  • Plank Arm Workout (11:58)
  • POP Pilates: Tricep Toner (13:20)
  • Push Up Challenge - 3 Advanced variations (6:34)
  • POP Pilates: Arm Attack! Part 1 of 2 Attack Series (11:17)
  • POP Pilates: Upper Body Workout - Arms, Chest, Shoulders (10:22)
BACK (view full video gallery here)
  • POP Pilates: Back Attack! (13:10)
  • POP Pilates: Sexy Back Workout (12:20)
BUTT (view full video gallery here)
  • POP Pilates: Beyonce Bootylicious Bum Butt Badonkadonk Bonanza aka The B6 Workout (18:06)
  • Top 3 Butt Toning Moves - (6:21)
  • POP Pilates: 25 Minute Butt Blaster (26:09)
  • POP Pilates: Super Butt Workout (10:57)
LEGS/THIGHS(view full video gallery here)
  • Leg Slimming Pilates Routine for (7:30)
  • POP Pilates: Slimmer Inner Thighs and Runner’s Calves (12:04)
  • POP Pilates: Saddlebag Shaver (17:29)
  • POP Pilates: Inner Thigh Insanity (13:20)
  • POP Pilates: Legs & Thighs Workout (9:57)
OBLIQUES/MUFFIN TOPS/LOVE HANDLES (view full video gallery here)
  • POP Pilates: Muffin Top Meltdown (14:52)
  • Oblique Pilates Routine for (6:31)
  • Uh-Oh Obliques Ultimate Workout (13:16)
  • POP Pilates: Muffin Top Exterminator (10:29)
TOTAL BODY (view full video gallery here)
  • POP Pilates: Total Body Bangin’ Workout (29:54)
  • Plank Workout for Flat Abs & Toned Arms (11:57)
  • Standing Pilates by the Sea for your Thighs, Core ‘n Shoulders (7:49)
  • Sea Inspired Pilates Workout (7:16)
  • POP Pilates: Summer Slimdown Part 1 (17:32)
  • POP Pilates Summer Slimdown Part 2 (19:02)
  • POP Pilates: Britney Spears “Til the World Ends” Ab Workout (5:36)
  • 5 Minute Total Body Pilates for (5:20)
  • POP Pilates: New Body Makeover (29:44)
  • POP Pilates: Bikini Bod 1 (9:49)
  • POP Pilates: Bikini Bod 2 for Arms & Abs (10:38)
  • POP Pilates: Body Slimming Workout (10:57)
  • POP Pilates: Total Body Sculpt (10:03)
WORKOUTS BY TYPE:BEGINNERS (view full video gallery here)
  • POP Pilates for Beginners: Ab Time! (13:11)
  • POP Pilates for Beginners (28:44)
  • POP Pilates: Lady Gaga “Judas” Workout (5:23)
EQUIPMENT (view full video gallery here)
  • Super Swiss Ball Workout (9:48)
  • 3 Moves Partner Workout (4:37)
CARDIO/HIIT WORKOUTS (view full video gallery here and here)
  • The 20/20 Workout
  • Crazy Park HIIT Workout (6:35)
  • POP Cardio: BODYPOP! HIIT Bodyweight Workout (14:34)
  • POP Cardio: Kick It! (5:35)
  • POP Cardio: Heart Throbber (8:40)
COOL DOWN/STRETCHING: (view full video gallery here)
  • Amazing Upper Back & Leg Stretches (13:08)
  • POP Pilates: Stretching for Flexibility (10:00)
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Shirataki Noodles-Health Magazine-10 Commandments-Peanut Butter-Weight Loss

thissumer:losing-every-extra-pound:The Tumblr Guide to...

thissumer:losing-every-extra-pound:The Tumblr Guide to Healthy Living
a compilation of resources to help you eat right, exercise, and be happy!
How to Start a Healthier LifestyleNutrition 
Eating Clean Principles
Non-Dieters Diet
Your Flat Belly Day 1 meal plan by Women’s Health Magazine
Your Flat Belly Day 2 meal plan by Women’s Health Magazine
Your Flat Belly Day 2 Meal Plan by Women’s Health Magazine
Portion Size Guide
Get lean grocery list
80 Healthiest Foods
100 Foods that Dr.Oz wants on your Shopping List
Shirataki Noodles
Tips to Snack Better
10-Calorie Sweet and Crunch Snacks
Why Eat Raw Foods?
10 Commandments of Dieting
Tips for Staying Healthy in School
The Happier way to Diet Menu
Food that makes You Prettier
Look Better Naked One Week Meal Plan Part 1
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The Best New Superfoods
12 Best Foods for your Abs
Foods that Melt Flab Away
Raw Food for the Rest of Us
5 Ingredient Eating Clean Recipes
What to Eat When You’re Craving…
Eating Clean vs. Junk examples
Transition to Healthy Living
Eating Clean VideoRecipes
Eating Clean Recipes
Healthy Meal Ideas for Breakfast, Lunch & DinnerBefore and After Workout Snack Ideas
Super 8-Step Salad Wraps
Not-Quite-Unnecessary Raving about Broccoli Slaw
Foods that Cause Bloating
Eat Breakfast, Here’s Why
Making Conscious Health Choices: Who Decides?
Not eating enough…but not hungry either?
Sunshine Oatmeal Recipe
Oatmeal from The Pea Pod
Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie-In-A-Bowl
An Overwhelming Amount of Oatmeal Recipes
Starbucks Drinks Under 200 Calories
SmoothiesHealthy Desserts
Healthy Dessert Blog
Grapefruit & Strawberry Popsicles (make them without alcohol)
Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwiches
Frozen Yogurt Blackberries
Skinny Coconut Cupcake
Nutella Fudge Pops
Banana Split Cheesecake Bites
Frozen Fruit Pops
Healthy Banana Almond Chocolate Ice Cream
Banana Split Cheesecake Bites
Banana Ice Cream
Frozen Yogurt Strawberries
Peanut Butter Chocolate Ice Cream
More Frozen Banana Bites
Raw Tropical Ice Cream
Cucumber Melon Popsicles
Chocolate Covered Bananas
Apple Peanut Butter Slices
Frozen Banana Popsicles
Banana Berry Soft Serve
Volume Ice CreamCleanse/Detox
The Look Better Naked 2 Day Cleanse
Jillian Michaels Detox
Detox Essentials
Lean Green Smoothie
Detox SmoothieVeganism/Vegetarianism 
Free Vegetarian Starter Kit by Peta
Making the Transition
Shopping guide by Peta
Easy Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers with Avocado
Shirataki Noodles
TheVeganStonerWeight Loss
How to Determine Your Ideal Weight
How to Overcome A Plateau
Beat a Weight Loss Plateau
Why You Aren’t Losing Weight 
How to Burn Fat Fastest
Metabolism Boosters
5 Metabolism Boosters
How to Conquer Cravings
20 Secrets of Very Fit People
Fighting Belly Fat
How Do I Lose Weight
Thinking of Giving Up?
The 2 Minute Visualization
How to Keep Yourself Full for Longer
Lose Weight without Dieting
10 Ways to Get Your Diet Back On Track
Constructing A PlanCalculators
Body Type/Frame Size Calculator
Calorie Calculator
Ideal Weight Calculator
How Much Weight You Can Lose By Prom/Summer/Your Wedding/This Thursday/TonightEBooks
Winning by Losing - Jillian Michaels Exercise
Lift Weights to Help You Lose Weight
How to Start Running [Couch to 5k]
How to Tone Any Area of Your Body
Building Lean Muscle vs. Bulky Muscle
But I Don’t Want to Get Bulky!
Abdominal Exercises for Beginners
Running for Weight Loss
The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Interval Training
Archive of Online Work Outs
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