Saturday 18 February 2012


hey beautiful! i see the 'planks not crunches' EVERYWHERE, and have tried them numerous times, but i feel it in my arms not my core at all. maybe i'm doing them wrong :p

Hey! That is definitely why. If you’re new to them and haven’t had anyone correct the pose for you, it’s more difficult. How to do a full plankHow to do a forearm plankMake sure you’re not resting your shoulders down and sinking them in. I have trouble making sure of that in full plank. And make sure you’re back isn’t slouching down, and don’t look down at yourself during the exercise. If it feels a little too easy, try adjusting yourself, you might be too high up or too low down. It’d be easiest if you have a mirror that you can watch yourself in or maybe record yourself in the pose and correct it from there (: read more..

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