Monday, 23 January 2012

What The Yuck! Worried-Health Magazine-High Fiber Food-Getty Images-Heart Attack

FOODS THAT CAN KEEP YOU HALE & HEARTY:OATS: this high fiber food lowers bad cholesterol.FISH: super rich in omega-3 fatty acids reduces the risk of a Heart Attack by upto one - third.NUTS & SEEDS: walnuts and almonds are full of omega-3 fatty acids....they are also high in fibers, which prevent hunger and help control weight.LEGUMES: ... read more..

What the Yuck! Worried about pimples 'down there'? We've got answers...

What the Yuck! Worried about pimples "down there"? We've got answers...Embarrassing Questions: Should I Worry About Pimples "Down There"?ow.lyhoto ip200 " Getty Images From Health magazine Q. I get a pimple “down there” every so often. It always goes away, but should I be... read more..

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